Partnering with Exelon to rebuild and sell sustainability products

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“Once we saw how quickly the FUNL Studio team was able to take our ideas, turn them into ‘in-the-wild’ experiments, and quickly provide real data to show if and where value existed, we knew we had the right team in place to co-create our startups.”
Brian Hoff
VP of Innovation at Exelon


Exelon engaged FUNL Studio to analyze user data linked to a newly launched mobile app. FUNL developed a value hypothesis and strategy to revitalize the startup, called Ecocred. FUNL quickly rebuilt the app to be scalable, developed user acquisition and monetization channels from advertising to carbon offset ecommerce.


We ran a series of validation programs—a landing page demand test, research prototype—leading to functional app with API integration.

This was the first-ever externally built app the organization allowed to live in the Google Play store, attracting customer attention through Facebook and Google ad campaigns.

Structured experiment sprints optimized the product flow and acquisition funnel.

We used Airtable to create and operating system for all EcoCred data and experiment design.
Facebook and Google campaign creative using the EcoCRED themes (Hero, Magician, Outlaw, Explorer, and Sage).


Branding & Creative
Product Design
Web Development
Mobile Development
Growth Marketing
Advisory: Merger and Acquisition