Why FUNL Studio?

As a change leader in your enterprise, you’re charged with validating new ideas and creating new revenue streams. You need to innovate with speed, but invest with caution. And it’s not always easy to know when the germ of an idea justifies development.

We know this isn't easy, and that's why we started FUNL Studio.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach

When you partner with us, research, design and analytics merge with experimentation and insights in a turnkey solution to validate any idea and reveal what customers value most.

Together, we can use this knowledge to form engaging experiences that capture the attention and loyalty of current and net new audiences.

We fuse startup grit with enterprise excellence

As a Validation and Growth studio, we like to work with: The self-starters. The curious. The risk takers. Passion and vision drives our partners to make a difference beyond just quarter over quarter growth.

We move with entrepreneurial rigor to find customer pain-points which enable our partners to pitch investors and senior leaders using facts.

We let data, not guesswork, guide decisions

Data and facts will always win over the skeptics in the boardroom. That’s why we are data obsessed.

Data feeds knowledge. Knowledge fuels insights. And insights give us the wisdom to learn what works and what doesn’t.

When you work with FUNL Studio, we are all accountable for setting up the project in an unbiased way to uncover the truth.